Be a Crusader!  There’s something beautiful in every day, you just have to find it.  I like to dig deep for everyday victories, even in the dullest or darkest of days. Finding a smidgen of delight and little gems of loveliness in each day to make you feel all fuzzy inside.

My husband says he had a sports teacher who said that running up and down a hill was all “Meat and Gravy”.  The uphill ‘meat’ was the real goodness that was going to make you fitter and stronger, full of tough stuff, the core essentials of a meal.  The downhill ‘gravy’ was the reward, the soothing lava trickling down your throat, drowning you in a puddle of pure Sunday dinner satisfaction.

Meat and Gravy.

Life is just meat really, the stuff you do every day where you grit your teeth and work hard, and other times life gives you love and life gives you luxury….. by pouring rich syrup down your neck, coating your heart in the loving velvet cuddle of gravy.

Let’s get some more gravy in our lives.   And if we can’t find gravy….



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